das wesen des elektromagnetismus

The nature of electromagnetism

From the holistic perspective of Self, perceiving observing consciousness appears as the only „place“ including all happening and experiencing, of all existence. In that experience, the natural sciences describe the nature of our one collective universal consciousness instead of processes happening independently in a physical world which may seem to exist separately from us.

Within that one consciousness, natural electromagnetism acts as a transmitter of the shapeless „blueprints“ of information and emotion, to the dimension of seemingly solid particles of shape and structure. This way, the 3rd dimension appears as a direct mirror of the one universal consciousness. Without this mirror it would be „blind“ and thus no conscious self-knowledge would be possible.

IN-FORM-ATION: Latin: informare = „giving shape through instruction“

In nature, all the phenomena and shapes known to us arise this way from the direct connection of the natural electromagnetic sources to the universal, conscious information field. Among other things, also our physical body appears as an expression of this spiritual-electromagnetic interaction.

In the new or alternative electrical model of cosmology, the physical universe swims in omnipresent electrically active plasma, which is not yet perceived to this extent by established cosmology and is instead interpreted as dark matter. The spiritual masters of all times were also well aware of the existence of these free electrical charge carriers which have different names in various cultures (Chi, Prana, Mana, etc…). They recognized their individual physical nature as part of this electrical life source, which is inexhaustibly available in the universe and is directly and mutually connected to our consciousness.

The natural use of the evolutionary primal creative power, electricity, was perfected in some spiritual traditions due to the direct ability of some masters to consciously perceive it according to the nature of the human being. Based on some Buddhist legends, the Buddha himself was capable of seemingly extraordinary abilities.

Against this background, the topic of the general artificial use of the electric life stream, and above all wireless communication technologies, acquires a completely different spiritual weight. Would the Buddha or Jesus Christ have voluntarily used a smartphone or WiFi etc. which force the plasma surrounding us into disharmonious, monotonous electromagnetic frequency patterns? How would an awakened being perceive the effects of stagnant life force energy on psyche and body which are nurtured by its flow?

In certain circles, disharmonic configured or stagnant life force energy is also known by another term: trauma. This artificial, technologically initiated traumatization no longer just massively affects the habitat of human life, but also the atmosphere (aura) of the earth, within which the natural atmospheric weather patterns dance their lively, dynamic electric plasma dance.

However, our individual and collective mirror of consciousness, nature, is now clearly showing us on various levels that it would be high time to end the age of these electromagnetic technologies which are incompatible with the universal order structures and to return to a conscious use of harmonious natural electromagnetic sources.

„Because the creative, constantly active nature of natural electromagnetism is an expression of that one universal consciousness which WE, on the consciousness level of Self, collectively embody!”


Electromagnetic Energy Buddha Nature

Lama Dondrup Dorje explains and impressively demonstrates the connection between consciousness, electromagnetism and plasma (ions).

We live in an electrostatic ocean (atmosphere) of electrically charged plasma

Example: The electrical weather circuit

Foto: © www.semanticscholar.org

Plasma Cosmology

Alternative Cosmology: The Electric Universe – 5 short introduction videos


Electrical Shaping of Biology

Electrical Form and Function

Aurora Borealis

Electrical discharge phenomenon of the solar wind (plasma) within the upper atmospheric layers of the earth.

Aurora Borealis)
Foto: © ww.pixabay.com


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