der unsichtbare regenbogen

The invisible rainbows and the planetary melodies of life

„As Self, we consciously experience ourselves as that One Consciousness which is collectively embodied through us. It is also the consciousness of that electronic force which intelligently organises the entire material universe and all living things. This consciousness expresses itself through us above all, through an unconditionally loving heart, whose electromagnetic impulses naturally begin their amplifying rainbow journey to Heaven and Earth, allowing the harmonious melodies of life to resound blessedly on the planetary musical instrument.“

If we could see the field lines of Earth’s magnetic field entering and leaving Earth’s ground from its surface, they would remind us of the vaults of Gothic cathedrals.1

It is hardly known that along these invisible „rainbows“, natural and technically generated electromagnetic signals travel back and forth. Via this „elevators“, they ascend from the ground passing the Van Allen radiation belt to the outermost edge of the magnetosphere and from there descend back to and into Earth.2

Due to interactions with the electron-filled and toroidally rotating radiation belt, which protects Earth from cosmic radiation, very low-frequency signals in particular can be amplified by more than 1000 times on this journey before they return to Earth. In this way, the low-frequency signal components (ELF) released during lightning discharges, which are known as Schumann resonances, are also amplified. Set into vibration in this way, the „rainbows“ sound similar to the strings of a harp in the resonances of the electromagnetic sources by which they are stimulated. In this context, atmospheric researchers speak of so-called „whistlers“ and „choirs“.2

Stimulated by natural electromagnetic sources from atmospheric processes – Schumann resonances, Sferics – as well as the heartbeat of Earth and its inhabitants, the harmonic song of our planet resounded on this celestial harp for eons of ages and could be heard throughout the solar system and beyond.

Today, however, the harp sounds predominantly in the artificial octaves and harmonics of the 50Hz and 60Hz signals emitted into the atmosphere by the power lines installed around the world. It was already recognized in the 1970s that these low-frequency signals enter the magnetosphere in exactly the same way and are amplified there as the previously mentioned signal components of lightning (Schumann resonances). Apparently, emissions from our power grids also cause the radiation belt to permanently rain down vast quantities of electrons onto Earth for decades. Due to this, the ionosphere and atmosphere are permanently ionized and charged to an intensity that in pre-electrified times was only the case during the limited duration of a solar storm.2

From this perspective, other possible effects of all the wireless communication technologies with which we surround ourselves today seem to be completely unexplored. Most of them are amplitude modulated. This means that the usually high-frequency data transmission signal rides on an additionally generated slower wave, similar to a surfer on his surfboard. And this artificial, in these cases low-frequency electromagnetic pulse and its harmonics could lead to similar undesirable side effects in the same way as described above.

Recent observations also show the rapidly increasing pollution of the ionosphere and magnetosphere by electrically conductive particles of artificial origin. These are produced when space debris (decommissioned satellites et al) burns up and during rocket launches. Apparently, there is already a thin veil of plasma haze around Earth, the mass of which is thought to significantly exceed that of Earth’s natural radiation belt.3

What direct and indirect effects are all these artificial interventions likely to have on Earth’s magnetic field, the equally little-known natural electromagnetic regulatory mechanisms of biological processes, the enormous electrical ion flows in the atmosphere that transport the global climate (jet streams), the atmospheric water cycles and the powerful electrical circuits along the volcanic fire rings within Earth’s mantle?

Currently, for good reason, the public is becoming more and more aware of the natural electrical influence of the sun (solar wind) on Earth’s magnetic field, the ionosphere, the Schumann resonances and their effects on human consciousness / behavior (the pilot frequencies of our brain waves / autonomous nervous system), as well as the influence of atmospheric electricity on Earth’s electrical underground systems.

However, these changes, which are apparently actually observable in all these systems, are unfortunately always attributed exclusively to solar activity by the public. Hardly anyone is aware of the fact that the technological electromagnetic activities of humans also intervene deeply in those sensitively coordinated regulatory mechanisms that always strive for a natural balance. This apparently even affects the electromagnetic exchange of information between the large celestial bodies in the solar system.4

What works from the outside inwards towards Earth can obviously also work from the inside outwards in the way described above. If an element (planet / sun) in this complex chain falls out of its electromagnetic balance, the overall system attempts to achieve equilibrium by taking appropriate rebalancing measures (homeostasis).4

We are currently experiencing not only the global effects of increased CO2 levels in the atmosphere, but also the direct consequences of exponential human-generated electromagnetic pollution. This also includes the increasingly violent balancing movements initiated by nature, to compensate for the disharmony caused by artificially triggered electromagnetic influences on Earth’s magnetosphere, multiplied by natural amplification effects. A chaotic mixture of electromagnetic feedbacks with impacts on Earth’s plasma and atmosphere, Earth’s natural electrical underground systems and possibly extending even to the sun, neighboring planets and back to us. Most likely coupled with additional natural, cyclically occurring influences from interstellar space.5

Enclosed is an outstanding work by the American scientist, journalist and healer Arthur Firstenberg, which reveals in detail the man-made part and its far-reaching symptoms in a very extensively researched documentation. His book „The Invisible Rainbow“ was first published in the USA in 2017 and even then described in remarkable detail the „phenomenon“ that had been known for decades and which, from spring 2020, humanity was once again intensely but causally one-sidedly dealing with.2,6,7

It seems as if most people had missed the fact that the worldwide installation of another electromagnetic communication technology was set in motion at the same time, the massive spread of which is no longer limited to Earth’s surface.

Not so far above our heads, exactly within the ionosphere, which is existential for all life, thousands of satellites have been and are being installed since then, which sound the harmonious melodies of life, our brainwaves and the heart of Earth, from which the invisible „rainbows“ originate and into which they flow back again, with increasingly more disharmonious resonances and thus disturb their natural rhythm. (As of 01.11.2023: 8800x satellites)

From which world view and thus self-image of a civilization does the astonishing assumption arise that such a massive intervention in the organizing forces of nature could remain without consequences?

The answer to this question arises not only from a lack of basic knowledge, but above all from the narrow spectrum of perception of our senses. This is because our view of ourselves and the world results predominantly from the information that we are able to experience directly through our senses. However, what we cannot perceive directly does not seem to exist for us subjectively.

It is well known that we cannot perceive the electromagnetic dimension of experience with our five senses. But what if we actually had far more sensory organs at our own disposal than is generally assumed? Even ones that extend beyond the electromagnetic dimension. The resulting holistic perception of the world would also lead to a corresponding holistic self-image.1,8,9

Humans have a total of 12 paired cranial nerves which are symmetrically distributed over both cerebral hemispheres. Only five of these essentially correspond to the known sensory organs. The other seven are mainly attributed by classical science to seemingly unconscious processes within the nervous system. But what if these cranial nerves also contain the potential of additional sensory organs?9

In fact, by achieving hemispheric balance, in conjunction with healthy hormone synthesis within the pineal gland, we can also become aware of those layers within us that were previously hidden in the unconscious. On this path of inner potential development, our spectrum of perception is expanded enormously. From this holistic perspective of experience, it seems immediately unnatural to banish the mother of all form and life into wires and devices and thus separate ourselves from the primordial electrical creative power of the universe.10,11,12,13

Know what you (really) are!



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Die unsichtbaren Regenbögen und die planetaren Melodien des Lebens (German Version)

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