Einheitsbewusstsein und Zirbeldrüse

Unity consciousness and pineal gland

The concept of so-called „ascension“ is widespread in spiritual circles, and I have noticed its appearance over and over again. Its perspective seems to be based on the common self-image of a consciousness identified with the individual mind. Looking back on my path today, I see that it was precisely that unquestioned identification that kept me isolated within the illusion of a separate consciousness, and thus disconnected from the immediate experience of our shared collective nature.

Therefore in my view today, the more coherent inner alignment would be to lift this inner curtain that separates the identified „I“ from the collective „Self“ in order to awaken. As soon as the curtain is lifted, one immediately realizes from the new perspective that it was never about an ascension of anyone, because as such no one at all existed in the way previously assumed. Rather, the entire transformation process was an awakening to a much more comprehensive perception. As a result, the former limited range of experience of the mind was expanded and the previous self-image and worldview had to be renewed.

So the following question remains: What opens the curtain?

In order to understand this, it is worth looking for a possible common root of all the countless and seemingly different ways and methods of self-discovery that are now being offered in countless numbers.

„This common root is ultimately found in a deep transcendent experience inherently accessible to humans.“

Some people apparently only experience this for a few moments in their lives and others only under certain spiritual-religious conditions. A few of us, however, experience that very natural state of consciousness constantly.

So what is behind such a transcendent experience? Is this even possible as long as an individual seems to be still caught within the consciousness of separation? A surprising and perhaps relieving answer for the individual desperately searching for this condition comes from neurobiology.

On the physical level, access to the unity consciousness of Self is accompanied by, among other things, a comparatively high DMT synthesis within the pineal gland. The hormone DMT, which is also referred to as the molecule of consciousness or perception and formed by the pineal gland, is released directly into the brain where it unfolds its natural effect, ideally permanently.

„Thus, the consciousness of separation that is considered normal in our culture could also be described as a DMT deficiency symptom.“

The reasons for this can be of very different origins; for example an individually blocked nervous system due to psychological issues, limiting beliefs, or environmental toxins, just to name a few.

What is apparently little known is that the pineal gland orchestrates our physical body like a conductor. It does this bioelectrically by first recognizing the electromagnetic environmental conditions surrounding us, due to its piezoelectric nature, then trying to adapt our body accordingly. It is in turn directed by the natural electromagnetic atmospheric resonance frequency, the Schumann resonance. The pineal gland is evolutionarily adapted to the Schumann resonance and ideally also connected with its 8 Hz frequency.

All the pineal glands and hearts (in individuals) of this world are directly electromagnetically connected to one another via the globally present Schumann resonance. This communication happens provided that this highly sensitive organ is generally healthy and the natural Schumann resonance has not been overlayed by the artificial impulses, such as those that occur in particular with WiFi ( 10 Hz ) and mobile phones ( 8.3 Hz ), which are much stronger in intensity.

„Unfortunately, these unnaturally shaped signal based impulses are able to inhibit the synthesis of all molecules made by the pineal gland.“

These molecules also include the hormones serotonin and melatonin. As a result of this inhibition, a serotonin deficiency can result in an increase in depression. A melatonin deficiency can lead to sleep problems and can also inhibit the immune system, cell regeneration, etc. A DMT deficiency also has a direct impact on the depth and scope of our perception and thus on our consciousness, self-image and worldview.

In addition, I´d like to share a compilation of those early research findings which brought to light the pineal inhibitory effects of artificial electromagnetic sources, ending with a brief excerpt from Dr. Warnke’s book „The Opening of the 3rd Eye“. This also shows that the three pineal gland hormones mentioned above hardly differ from one another from a molecular point of view. The pineal gland apparently takes the easy way and modifies the motivation hormone serotonin, which has not been used up during the day and is primarily synthesized by it under natural electromagnetic environmental conditions, simply in order to obtain melatonin or DMT from it as required.

And finally, I would like to draw your attention to an extraordinarily intensive meditation practice that has the rare potential to awaken even a dormant pineal gland from its slumber. We are talking about the Tables of Chartres, which fundamentally changed my self-image and thus my world-view and without which the writings presented here would very probably never have come about.

The Tables of Chartres – An Ancient Key to Collective Awareness
The Tables of Chartres – Hemispheric balance as a Key to inner Unity


DMT – The Spirit Molecule (2010)

Science of Electroceuticals and Bioelectronics (2016)

A new branch of research in pharmaceutical medicine shows that external electromagnetic fields interact in a targeted manner with a specific branch of the human nervous system and can therefore be used as a substitute for chemical medication in the future.

The question that naturally arises here is which possible neurological or biological side effects are then caused by all the countless and randomly generated technological fields with which we now surround ourselves on a daily basis?


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